Joshua MacGowan

Founder, Supplement World Canada


Joshua MacGowan is the founder of Supplement World Canada and owner/operator of the local Supplement World locations here in Saskatoon. He started Supplement World with the goal of helping educate consumers on the many benefits of using clinically dosed and research backed health and sports nutrition supplements, and helping people find the right products for them and their personal needs. Supplement World has entrenched itself in the community here in Saskatoon, supporting many different athletes, sports teams, and fundraisers over the years, including being a Star Sponsor for Kana in the 2023 Swinging with the Stars event. The Saskatoon City Hospital Foundation holds a special place as Josh’s partner Tatum Wildeman (and pro dance partner) has been working as an RN and CNE at City Hospital for the past 7 years. We are looking forward to raising money for this great cause and having a great evening with family, friends, and the community all coming together to raise money for the Saskatoon City Hospital Foundation!


Joshua MacGowan will be performing with Tatum Wildeman

Joshua MacGowan and partner Tatum Wildeman

Tatum Wildeman is a local contemporary dancer and the artistic director of The Saskatchewan Dance Project. Tatum has created and directed a number of full length dance shows and dance films, performances such as LUGO, yet untitled by Tino Seghal, World Dance Congress, mixOLOGY dancemine, choreography including Shakespeare on the Saskatchewan, and has extensive experience teaching dance throughout the province to a variety of populations. Tatum is passionate about access to dance for all and focusing on dance for Indigenous youth in the north and completed a Master of Nursing focusing on the use of dance to improve the mental health and wellness of Indigenous youth. Tatum is also a Registered Nurse and works as a Clinical Nurse Educator at Saskatoon City Hospital.